natural refuge

The Sierra de Aracena, to the North of the province of Huelva, hosts many of the most charming and unknown landscapes of Andalusia. Whether for its picturesque villages, its people, its renowned cuisine or its exceptional forests, the place radiates an  unique and surrounding atmosphere. Here you can find the thickest forests throughout Western Andalusia. It certainly is a perfect place for a wide variety of sporting activities, as well as for ornithology, mycology, entomology or botany. At night, the exceptional darkness of the skies offers a wide open window to the stars.

inN arquitectura appeared in order to render available the opportunity to return to a simpler lifestyle in connection with nature. We offer affordable solutions to establish yourself in enclaves of exceptional environmental quality.

all options

Being aware that in the current contextmany feel retracted in their desire to access rural housing, inN arquitectura intends to break the cycle of distrust promoting viable, simple, sustainable and alternative solutions. Seeking, at all times, the tranquility and comfort of the costumer.

inN arquitectura offers solutions tailored to all budgets. Being, in particular, our expertise to get the most from tight budgets following our self-build model.

proven practice and innovation

The singular self-build program of inN arquitectura has been put to a test with multiple tangible results. The program is guided by a proven roadmap that, understanding the difficulties, presents the means and strategies to overcome them.

For the most innovative version of inN arquitectura we explored thoroughly the reality of the place, in order to reach real and affordable possibilities of creating new living spaces. As it is well known, deep mechanisation has changed the face of rural areas. A collateral consequence of this fact is the obsolescence of a number of small plots that not long ago were sheds or coops.

For its usual dimensions this plots have sufficient qualities to accommodate the regular domestic needs of a modern home. That is, two-storey houses, some with basement, with everything necessary for a couple or a young family to live in, or even bring in guests.

focused on the costumer

In inN arquitectura we walk with you the entire process. Right from the start we will be advising in the search and selection of properties, managing documentation, drafting the project, implementing it and assisting until the final turnkey.

This concept becomes possible given the size of each intervention and it is a significant difference with the existing businesses. Ours is a transversal concept encompassing the entire process.

Another outstanding feature is the fact that the client keeps all options to himself, from choosing the municipality, to the plot and a home modeled exactly to his liking. Therefore you will not have to conform to already predetermined solutions.

committed to sustainability

Since its inception inN arquitectura is clearly oriented towards sustainability in its triple dimension:  social, economic and environmental.

Firstly we promote sensible and respectful town planning, not pursuing the expansion of urban centers in rural areas, but the suture and the ingrowth of the current fabric. Acting from the principle of self-build, inN arquitectura is commited to mature and responsible construction, and does not contribute to soil depletion,  therefor revitalizing rural communities. But the main distinctive feature lies in the total elimination of the speculative factor. So that the customer avoids costs in intermediaries and other agents.

The materials and techniques used for the construction respond to local tradition. The projects are based on the necessity of optimizing resources, so always simple and efficient solutions are sought. The building is developed in strict compliance with the current regulations on energy saving. Specifically, houses comply with current insulation standards, use biomass, traditional (wood stoves) and solar collectors for heating. As a result all homes will count with a high energy rating.

inN arquitectura moves on a scale that may be of interest to most potential investors. In economic terms, the size of interventions broadens the spectrum of customers. Making it available to many a rural residence.

On a social level, the project seeks to revitalize the local rural environment promoting new community ties that will relate citizens of diverse condition.

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