inN arquitectura pioneered in the integration of real estate management, construction management and designand architecure areas in the Sierra de Aracena. To make this possible we count with professionals of proven experience in construction, architectural design and real estate sectors. The service is specifically designed to make easier the task of those who want to reform, build or buy property in the Sierra de Aracena.

We help you to settle in locations of environmental and landscape quality, with the comfort of knowing that we will assume the difficulties associated with the acquisition of a new property. From the first visit to the site, to the turnkey, we will be counseling, managing, providing our expertise, encompassing every stage in the process.

step by step

We adapt to your needs, whatever your choice is you will always have the possibility to hire all or part of our services. We show you  step by step:

Location Wether you are looking for a house to refurbish, a plot to build, or a house to buy, you can find in our listing the property that best suits your needs. And if we do not have it, we commit to find it as soon as possible.

Negotiation Our team will mediate in the negotiation with the owner, always looking out for your best interests. Formalizing a sale can be a tedious process when it comes to paperwork. Fortunately we are well trained in such procedures.

Architectural project In case of purchase, renovation or complete refurbishment of a property a project will be required. Our architects will  prepare for you all the necessary technical documentation. Dedication to good design and customer satisfaction are the hallmarks of the team.

Project management Choosing the right professional is not always an easy task. So in Vita Simplex we will gather, analyze and recommend you the contractors offers than best meet the specific needs of each work. This is a key part, because it is in the proper implementation of a project where the success of an intervention is at stake. Vita Simplex ensures strict monitoring of the work, with weekly visits and periodical reporting of the progress. This task encompass the entire works, including final certification.

Interior design In our team we count with interior designers that will help you with the furnishing and decoration of your home according to your preferences. Our only concern is that everything is ready for the date set.

commitment to your budget

From the beginning we will ensure you that the budget at your disposal receives the best possible use. For your safety you will have, in the early stages, a complete estimation covering the entire process of the desired intervention. If your project requires the services of a construction company we’ll make sure the total costs in the offer as tight as possible to reality. For that reason you will have a project budget thoroughly detailed point by point. The budget will be contractually sealed before the start of the works. This way you will count from the beginning with a precise document on the total cost of the works.

our rates

The rates are defined as a percentage and will vary depending on the package of work to be contracted. Each case will result in varying fees, therefore, we recommend you to contact us directly. We will be presenting you a detailed offer within 48 hours. We also offer payment facilities, including fractionation according to results.

[tabla width=”100%” colwidth=”50%|40%|20%” colalign=”left|center|center”] concepto;tarifa;mínimo
Localización de inmueble no incluido en catálogo ; 0,5% sobre valor de la operación;300€
Servicios inmobiliarios en compraventa al comprador;2% sobre valor de la operación;1.000€
Servicios inmobiliarios en compraventa al vendedor;2% sobre valor de la operación;1.000€
Proyecto arquitectónico y dirección de obra;8-10% sobre el P.E.M.;-
Servicios de diseño de interiorismo;1% sobre el P.E.M.;-[/tabla]

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