is inN arquitectura a construction or real estate business?

inN arquitectura is a comprehensive management service that combines real estate and architecture and complements them with manegement and assessment during construction.

Wether you are looking for a house to renovate, a plot to build, or a house to buy, you can find in our listings the offer that best suits your needs. And if we do not have it, we commit to find it in a short period of time. Our team will also mediate in the negotiation with the owner, always looking out for your best interests. Formalizing a sale can be a tedious process when it comes to paperwork. Fortunately we are well trained in such procedures.

inN arquitecutra is not in itself a construction company, but we have all the means to help you choose the right team for your project, taking charge, if requested, of direct dialogue and negotiation with the contractor. In this regard, inN arquitectura will gather, analyze and recommend you the contractors offers than best meet the specific needs of each work.

what experience supports them?

inN arquitectura has a years long experience in the Sierra, professionals who work and collaborate with us count with proven experience in the fields of construction, architecture, design and property management. As proven by the volume and quality of the projects undertaken.

how is inN arquitectura better than its competitors?

The main advantage is that no competitor offers the same package of services inN arquitectura does. To date any domestic or foreign investor undertaking such tasks had to do it on its own, often disregarding the formalities and procedures to be carried out. An average real estate firm usually offers plots, houses, wether finished or in need of reform, but does not provide the necessary technical advice on town planning, refurbishment costs or the possible use of the property.

On the other hand, architectural offices in this region do not provide comprehensive management of the entire process, limiting their services just to the completion and implementation of the project. Before inN arquitectura’s implementation there wasn’t any service combining real estate and project implementation in a fully guided and advised way in the Sierra de Aracena.

The advantage is also economical, because by unifying and simplifying services we can offer lower fees for the benefit of the customer.

I wish to invest in a rural property, is it the right time?

While leading indicators point to stability in the housing sector, we are aware that the past prolonged recession has left a residue of economic uncertainty. This causes many people to retract their desire of owning a rural house. However, inN arquitectura is specifically designed to overcome any mistrust. It came to open a window to new investment opportunities.

As it is known, real estate moves at various speeds depending on the areas. While in the main urban centers prices are already in an upward trend, in rural areas the market remains static and the negotiation margin is quite larger, allowing advantageous transactions.

I do not have a large budget, can I afford a house in the countryside?

We offer solutions tailored to every budget. In our catalogue we include innovative, viable, simple, sustainable and alternative solutions designed to adjust the investment, thus optimizing the customer’s resources.

The main economic advantage is in our self-build packages, in which the speculative factor on housing is totally supressed, so that you will be paying for the actual value of the home.

how much will this service cost me?

The fees are defined  as a percentage on the desired investment and will vary depending on the package of work to be contracted. The percentages range from the lowest, 2% plus VAT for mediation in a sale or purchase, up to 10% plus VAT for the full services.

Each case will result in varying fees, therefore, we recommend that you contact us directly. We will be presenting you a free no-obligation quote within 48 hours. We also offer payment facilities, including fractionation according to results.

can I hire services separately?

Of course, our services can be contracted as a package or separately, we adapt to your needs.

can I divide payments?

For single concepts exceeding € 2,000 we accept installment payments  up to a period of 3 months. However, we will ask a quantity in advance that will vary depending on the nature of the work.

Apart from your fees, what are the major costs to consider?

In a purchase process the notary, the registration and the associated taxes make up the largest costs involved. If we talk about construction, we must take into account building costs and those of the technical architect, which are paid separately, according to the conditions established in the contract. Municipal taxes and fees need also to be paid. In any case, before starting the works, we would provide an overall budget including all the expenses to consider.

I worry about the design, will I have a house to my liking?

In this our principle is clear: customer’s satisfaction is paramount. Our team of designers and architects will deliver the best possible expression to your aesthetic and functional preferences. Besides, we offer our full advice on those aspects in which you find doubtful.

do you also manage projects on rural land?

Yes, we also take care of projects on rural land, provided they comply with the existing specific rules. If you have not yet purchased the property you will be interested to know that the legislation for rural land is much more restrictive than for urban plots. Operations that may seem  initially attractive over the paper may end up stalled by legal impediments. In inN aquitectura we will advise on all legal details before any acquisition, so we guarantee the proper development of your project.

I have heard about many buyers who had legal problems with their Spanish properties. How do you prevent this?

It is true that these problems have existed for others. However, as a guiding principle inN arquitectura does not embark on any new project if we appreciate that it is objectively contrary to the law in urban or environmental terms. To avoid this, before any action is taken we would study the case carefully to inform you of the real possibilities of the house or plot.

what are my guarantees if a problem occurs?

If you hire inN arquitectura services or one of its recommended companies you must know that all relationships will be established on a contractual basis. So in the undesired event of any difficulty occuring, you will have a contract of full legal validity to resort to.

If you wish to learn more, we strongly recommend you to read our Rural Spain Self-builder Guide.

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