After settling in the Sierra de Aracena (Huelva), the studio began its autonomous journey with the design and habilitation of the work space itself, the former inn of Galaroza. Thus, from the foundational fact, everything that the studio represents is contained in the authenticity of its walls of rammed earth and masonry. inN architecture owes much more than its name to this house, from it we learned to love popular architecture, as well as to travel the vast land shared with contemporary architecture.

In these years we have developed orders of different sizes located in the provinces of Huelva, Málaga and Seville, which range from new works to partial or total real estate reforms. True to its principles, the studio specializes in the search for affordable space solutions, sensitive to the environment and adapted to the needs and capacity of the client, providing a personal and attentive treatment. This vocation for good design and exploration in intermediate languages ​​has made us worthy of important recognition, as well as the publication of our work in national and international media. In parallel, the studio develops an intense research work around popular architecture, sustainability and energy efficiency in construction. These concerns materialize periodically in presentations, participation in conferences, publications and architectural competitions.

Carlos Gómez Sos (Seville, Spain) is the coordinator of inN arquitectura. He graduated as an architect from the ETSA of Seville in 2008, after having spent study and work time in Belo Horizonte (Brazil), the RWTH University of Aachen (Germany) and collaborating with the studios of Antonio Barrionuevo and Julia Molino and Horizontes Arquitetura. In 2013 he obtained the Master’s Degree in Sustainable City and Architecture, taught by the University of Seville. Both his Final Degree Project and his Master’s Final Project received high qualifications. He contemplates the discipline of architecture from a transversal perspective, giving identical relevance to technical areas, theory or design.


2018 – Mention for the Proa House in the III Prize of Architecture in Tile by the Hispalyt Foundation
2014 – Second prize for The refuge in the First Edition of the Competition for Excellence in the Master of Sustainable Architecture and Cities
2004 – Mention in the DETEA prize for the remodeling of the old fish market in Barbate


2018 – Selection of sketches for the book Architect’s Sketchbook II edited by Will Jones (not yet published)
2018 – Foundations, status and preservation of local vernacular architecture communication for the Heritage  Congress of the Sierra de Aracena.
2017 – Popular Vanguard Article by Anatxu Zabalbeascoa in El País about the Proa House project
2016 – 2017 – Online publication of Proa House on archilovers,, habitissimo, Architecture platform, Archdaily, arkitera (Turkey) …
2016 – 2017 – Articles in local and provincial press about the studio activities by local journalists
2013 – Publication of the article [Des] Andanzas: the internal reform of participation in the web of La Ciudad Viva
2012 – Self-publishing of The refuge: operability and validity in contemporary living
2008-2011 – Collaborative edition of the student magazine La Plataforma

general services

Projects_We develop reform, refurbishment, demolition, consolidation, replacement of roof, extension or new buildings projects. We offer comfortable, functional, adaptive and enviromentally sensitive housing solutions, both urban and rural.

Self-build_The recovery of obsolete spaces is an important field of specialty for the studio. For this porpose, we have developed a self-build management model of our own that will allow you to enjoy a rural house with all modern confort  standards.

Interior Design / Landscaping_Our interior reforms and garden design follow a comprehensive, clean, flexible, affordable, bright, fresh, modern and imaginative design. We are motivated by a belief in reform as a regenerating instrument of spaces and lives.

Design_The design line focuses on household and everyday objects. From handmade lamps to custom furniture. Authentic unique pieces arise from the combined use of wood and the expert complicity of local artisans.

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