Refurbishment of an apartament in Seville

Refurbishing apartments is trendy, no doubt. In recent years, these kind of reforms have gone through their particular golden age.The conditions were favorable: recession, ageing housing, changes in the family model… are perhaps the most obvious factors, but are still insufficient without including others such as the desire for self-affirmation or the renewed interest shown by architects and designers in these so-called minor orders.

In our case, interest in these field is twice important. Rather out of conviction than obligation the office focused on rehabilitation works since the beginning. Soon we understood that it was the most sensible and sensitive side of the epochal ethos the profession lived. Moreover, we were equally aware that being the apartment the essential living unity in Spain, it was also galloping towards obsolescence as it proved increasingly inadequate for the relational framework of our time.

As a result of these concerns, we address the theoretical reform of this Sevillian apartment. Despite being built in the historical district and its clear regionalist influences there’s not much distance to a subsidized housing when it comes to the layout. Its chopped up space appeared to be a suitable starting point to test design concepts.
estado previo

The strong longitudinal configuration invites to recover the principal value of homes of this period: amplitude. The demolition of partitions respects the original flooring, leaving shadows of the walls as traces between tiles. By doing this, horizontal planes -both the hydraulic floor and the Catalan vaults- are now rediscovered on their new role. This gesture, as simple as transcendent, completely reverses the habitational model. What once were a hallway and locked doors is now a central, adaptive, mulficional and structuring space. In other words, nothing less thana one of a kind public square.Salon

This longitudinal axis comes across another that starts from the most intimate spaces and orientates towards the depth of the street. The distinction between public and private sphere is based on the inescapable wall structure, which is emphasized aesthetic and functionally as the pivot of the home. The prominence of the cruise, and the opening of routes outside traditional hierarchies, serve as a counterweight to the marked central divide.planosThe opening of spaces favours natural lighting through opposing balconies and patios. Light is in some cases screened, as in the dressing room in the main bedroom. Light demands color, which appears as controlled bursts of exuberance, serving as counterweight to a generally neutral background. Color exercises here as inhabiting references, familiarizing the home and nurturing every scene of joviality.Dormitorio1


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