Recovery of a yard

The old yard of La Posada -The Inn- had for very long belonged to the rear hidden face of the home. It had become the dumping place for the discarded objects of the main living area. This condition, added to a bit harsh access, had favoured a no longer tolerable state of decay. For decades it remained forgotten, used even as a dip, its ill-treated façade, full of patchs, manifested best the dire situation. To make things worse, agressive species brought in by disconsidered tenants had turned the place into a corner of thick weed that had grew tall and strong in this fertile land and humid climate.



Just after the hard clearing we discovered a terrain on slope filled with rubble and rocks grouped in piles and encircling small cultivation areas. So much so that the important amount of exceeding material allowed to raise the low dividing stone wall and level the place with terraces. The spatial distinction hrough height is, by all means, the decissive action in this intervention. We therefor stablish a higher area, better shaded, as the most appropiate for leisure, and the lower part, with thick and humid soil, with longer direct sunshine, as the most suitable for a kitchen garden.

Pano 14-rcorral-blog-3

The ethos of the renovation is marked by low footprint principles. We have remained very close to the original palette of elements, trying to reduce the amount of rubble to a minimum and avoiding excessive inputs of new materials, thus safeguarding a calculated balance. Most of it were hand tasks, sometimes even with the most rudimentary means, an architettura povera, if you wish. The principle of recycling is always obvious, even in the details, like in the floor made up with old tiles, or with the cladding of the rammed earth wall, made up with material brought from a nearby demolition. We find indeed satisfactory to enhance the virtues of the forgotten, bring to it a new turn, an spontaneous aggiornamento that very often reveals possibilities that might have otherwise remained hidden.

Pano 4-rLike in the reclining arbor. The table is made up with two abandoned chestnut doors, we then added foldable chairs and deck chairs. All in white, mimetized against a white wall shaded by the branches of a plum tree. A removable courtain protects the entire ensemble from inclemency. One thing is for sure, when projecting outdoors one must learn to work with the weather. Even the slightest gesture must get into terms with the fact that sunshine will beat down, that heavy rains will fall in May, that it will freeze in January and hail in autumn. Also night and day impose their spin, therefor night ilumination was put into place to enhance in a practical way the main planes and spots: the façade, the dividing wall with the plum trees, the arbor, the stairs…corral-blog

When it comes to publishing a work of this sort one may hesitate about the convenience of when should it be exhibited . And not just about the seasonal changes. But because this yard has been, it always has, in its essence, a place of moving change. What we see here is only a milestone, perhaps the most relevant in decades, but nothing more than a slide in a time that is counted in decades, if not centuries. We can foresee some of those changes, we know that the grass will grow, that acanthus leafs won’t cast their shadow, that carrots and onions will grow… However most of them will remain obscure, for they will be carried out by other hands, other tastes. Those who took part in this knew very well they were mere occupants in a brief span of wakefulness.
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