Medical office in Cartaya


This project stems from the interest of the property in adapting a premise as gynecological medical office in the town of Cartaya.The intervention required the modification of the previous premise, a butcher and grocery store for halal products.fachada cartaya

Panorama_2The ambitious initial program content of the intervention tested the limits of the premise,  with just a surface of 73m2. In the early stages of design the layout was determined by strips arranged perpendicular to the facade. In the central strip lies the reception and a toilet, acting as a filter between the public and private areas. The scheme responds to a  desire to achieve clarity at all levels, including the choice of materials, color ranges and furniture.fachada 2

In its original state the facade showed a disorderly and confused sight because of the many accessory elements that distorted the simplicity of the original design. Therefore, the first step consisted in a thorough cleaning of all the accumulated overlays. Afterwards the building is covered in sandstone, and element that inspires sobriety, solidity and security, as well as the inherent warmth of the material. The preservation of privacy, a primary objective, is reached through translucent glass and a stone lattice.Sala de espera

In line with the above the interior design seeks conceptual simplicity, without neglecting  the warmth and comfort that result in the pleasure and tranquility of the patient. In this line, the space is coated in layers, using materials and colors that produce pleasant sensations, such as textiles or timber. The furniture respond to the same parameters of elegance, using pieces of simple, modern lines, that do not compromise comfort. Overall, the clear and ocher tones of coatings, furniture and accessories dominate the scene.Sala de consulta


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