Introducing Vita Simplex

What makes Vita Simplex important?
Since ancient times mankind has been appealed by Nature. So much so, that neither millenia of sedentarism and civilization have been able to stop this impulse. A short look into history will soon reveal the memory of the thinker, the philosopher, the monk or the hermit who, without looking back, chose the path of a peaceful, calm existence. Not to mention the prolific retreat of the hedonist, rather moved by the promise of satisfaction.

But this is only an outline, every society, in every age, has managed to give its own attributes to this ancestral drive. From the XVIIIth century onwards, phenomena such as the overcrowding and degradation of cities did nothing but accentuate the appeal of Nature and the simplicity of country life. This is the breeding ground behind many interesting proposals.

It comes as no surprise that it was in the more industrialized parts of the world where, in the turn of the XXth century, the most serious attempts to overcome the urban-rural divide took place. A new partnership with the best of both worlds was proposed. This was the embryo of peripheral low-density urbanism. Needless to say the severity of the multiple conditions that hatching suburbanism has left on the territory and the no less harmful alterations it inflicted on human habits.

What does Vita Simplex stand for?
The Vita Simplex concept was created to provide an answer to the longing for retreat -long term or temporary- in a way that suits the times we live in. As a result of analysis and research we concluded that any contemporary haven must respond inevitably to three key demands.

First it must meet the density condition. As we approach the next billion people it seems now certain that the old aspiration for a extreme privacy -understood as an exclusive domain without any outside interference- is seriously compromised. Ours is a world of density and exchange. In this sense, small populations are very much suitable for the delicate balance between neighborhood and privacy.

Simplicity is central for the Vita Simplex ideology. Deep within the getaway impulse roots a keen desire to decongest the intricate modern life requirements. The homes we propose act as real simplifiers of this imposed super-framework. Thus the experience of inhabiting lies just in the simple everyday gestures: food, rest, conversation … The same translates to design, always clear, concise and without fuss.

But this should not be understood as a confinement at home. Quite the contrary, Vita Simplex has a third projecting dimension, one that looks abroad searching for relation. It’s a principle of harmony which places us in the world, intertwining our lifes in a greater shared history. And most importantly, we appeal to the rediscovery of the neighbor as an ally and partner.

How does Vita Simplex work?
The Vita Simplex program is now a tangible reality. This is so because we count with a clear road map that, realizing the difficulties, poses the means and strategies to overcome them, adressing the most relevant questions: Where are the shelters located? Who will be the dwellers? Is it economically viable?

It is well known that mechanization has also changed the face of the countryside. A collateral consequence of this fact is the obsolescence of a number of small plots that not long ago were used as sheds, stables, etc.. The majada -fold or shed of stone walls- is the most common local expression. By their usual dimensions they are sufficient to accommodate the common domestic program once the expansion works have concluded. That is, two-story homes, some with a basement, with everything necessary for a couple or young family and able to accept occasional visits.

The way simplex-homes are designed can attract a very wide group of people. From the country resident who wants to move or needs a second home, to the urbanite in search of fresh air, not to forget the expat interested on an alternative setting.

If the spectrum is large it is because the proposed offer is quite palatable, even for an economic context like the current one. The key is simplicity, in desgin and buildt volume, but, above all, the greatest advantage comes from the elimination of the speculative factor. Acting from the principle of self-construction, Vita Simplex promotes a mature and responsible urbanism, moreover our model is based on interior growth and does not contribute to the predation of soil.

inN Architecture accompanies the whole process from the beginning, advising on the search and selection of properties, to the document management, the design, the implementation and the turnkey.



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